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Two days ago I moved the hosting and delivery of all the advertising I publish on my sites to OpenX Hosted. The results are easily visible on the chart below:

OpenX Hosted - Statistics widget screenshot

Boom! I’ve been using OpenX since the days it was called phpAdsNew and I was very satisfied with it except one thing… So I was enthusiastic when I found out that I could offload my server from the burden of serving the ads and calculating the statistics.

To be fair and because I’m naturally curious I tried one other ad hosting and delivery solution: Google Ad Manager, but it was so cryptic and full of special terminology that I’ve sort of got lost and disappointed. I abandoned the product after painfully setting up an ad delivery by closely following several pages of instructions just to find out it didn’t do what I wanted it to. The last straw was when I noticed that updates made to my stuff appear delayed. And not by a few seconds, but by a few freakin’ long minutes. Maybe if I’d have an ad delivery specialist diploma on my wall I’d be using Ad Manager, but until then I want something made for web people.

So, OpenX Hosted it is.

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