Baia Mare on Google Maps

Finally, I’d say.

Screenshot of Google Maps with Baia Mare centered

High(ish) resolution photos of all Maramures county (at least as much as I’ve checked) were added. It’s funny that the western third of Baia Mare is represented as part of a nice high resolution tile which was there for a while now, and the other half is now highish resolution too. Can’t really see the house I live in, but at least the streets are visible. The other fun part is that the true high resolution part (the third) looks like a really old photo, because for example the Kaufland supermarket is nowhere to be found on it. However, the other one is new as I could identify the Ambient home improvement store among others.

Another sweet find were the slopes of Cavnic. Here’s a screenshot for eternity. And this is also a very recent shot, because the Roata Hotel is clearly visible.

But if you’re looking for Baia Sprie (Felsöbánya), hehe) my tiled version is still the best you can find on the web.

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