Back with a new, stronger iron

Long story short: I moved a high traffic forum to my (ex-)server and it sort of crumbled under the load. Not once but twice. After the second manual reboot request I just deactivated the forum and drew the conclusion that it was time to upgrade. I had to do it fast, because said forum is my main AdSense cash cow and it meant that any downtime meant income = 0 and I just couldn’t let that happen. So the upgrade happened yesterday night.

From this:


To this:


For just $30 per month more… I’d say it’s worth it! I don’t want to sound like a Planet fanboy but their server specials are just awesomely priced. Plus I’ve got the setup waived after speaking with a support person cause my card didn’t go through at first.

Well, that’s the news. - proudly served from my new server :)

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