Getting friskier



Even if my PayPal account is in minor pain, I’m looking forward for a summer filled with great music. Mmm, already thinking about those afternoon trips to Bodi Lake. Last year’s experience confirms that a chilly swimming session after a steamy workday completely restores one’s faith in life.

Also, thinking about switching my trusty Kenwood car CD player that performed so well in the Dacia and lately in the C3 with one that can handle USB sticks. Maybe even Ioana’s iPod. If I’m tired of one thing, that’s writing CDs with mixes that I’ll listen to at most a few times (except those real gems) and then forget all about them letting the CDs they’re written on take up precious space in the car. I’m thinking about another Kenwood because it’s a brand I trust - besides the CD player I had a pair of headphones whose plastic broke several times (SuperGlue to the rescue!), lost their fake leather cushion protections but the speakers still perform flawlessly. Anyway, I’m already well equipped with a catalog. I just need the cash.

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