OOXML is now an ISO standard

Bad news of the day. Actually bad news of the yesterday when I found the link on Techmeme, but I couldn’t write about it as my blog has been experiencing technical difficulties.

You might remember that I touched the issue a while back after the first round of voting, heavily disappointed by Romania’s stand regarding the issue but it seems that ASRO (The Romanian Standardization Association) haven’t changed their mind from one round to another. They voted pro again. Well, that’s it, we have to face it: these people “represent” us as a country. And I said nothing about the shady sides of the whole thing…

The story is rather complicated and has many facets but if you became interested a truly comprehensive article is available at ars aranea. At least read the last section “What have we learned?”, even if we know now that the last paragraph was wishful thinking.

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