Free email for all Sneaker Pimps fans

As my new plan of action is to get all my domains under GoDaddy’s wing I started out by transferring a client’s domain there and extending it by 5 years while I was at it. The good news was that the order amount was really close to $40 and as an avid viewer of Diggnation I had the ‘DIGG5’ coupon code which gives $10 off any order above $40. And so I added another domain to the order and applied the coupon code which brought my order back under $40…

Now the important part. Out of a moment’s inspiration the bonus domain I registered was… :) Please don’t ask me from which part of my brain that popped out (btw, the three words are part of a Sneaker Pimps song’s lyrics) but it probably has to do with my eyes seeing the word ‘click’ on the page and my brain faintly registering and then associating randomly. Anyway, I installed Google Apps on it a few minutes after registering it and here I am now, giving away FREE email addresses for the real Sneaker Pimps fans. If you want one, you should know that your e-mail interface will look just like Gmail, with the exact amount of space and other features that Gmail has plus you can access it from Outlook or whatever your favorite e-mail client is… And all this for free. Just shoot me an e-mail (you can find my address in the left sidebar of my blog) and not forgetting to include the user name you want. And no, I won’t read your e-mail.

Oh, and if you have any feedback regarding GoDaddy, don’t hesitate to share. I don’t want to make a mistake by transferring all my domains to them and then discovering negative this and negative that. Until now my impressions are positive judging at least from the administration panel’s responsiveness which is waaay faster than the one over at Dreamhost.

Update on the 7th of June, 2022 - I just cancelled the Google Apps, uuuh, I mean Google Suite for this domain because I didn’t want to pay $72 for a year for one email address. Actually I cancelled the Google Suites for all of my domains. I can’t really blame Google for bait and switch as I used their free offering for more than 14 years (14 years 2 months 26 days to be exact) in this case and I think longer for my other domains. Since I was using this domain with a catch all email alias which would forward any email it would receive to my main Gmail address I replaced it with ImprovMX which does the same thing for $30 per year for 25 domains (this was a special offer). Well, there’s that, another chapter closes.

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