Even more speeeeeed!

DU Meter showing the 4 Mbps goodness I haven’t really gotten used to the 1 Mbps goodness available all day and would you look at that! Yesterday after a friend’s hint I reset my modem and when it rebooted there I was, riding my shiny new 4 (FOUR!) Mbps cable connection. Wow! The funny thing is that honestly, I have no idea what to do with it. 1 megabit per second was more than enough for my needs, even if they used to call me Mr. Downloader back in the day when 64 kbps was all the (exorbitantly expensive) rage and I was getting on everyone’s nerves clogging up the tubes… And now they didn’t just double that 1 Mbps. Nope, they went ahead and quadrupled it. What can I say? Many thanks for the free lunch.

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