Seb - February 2007 Promo Mix

Shake your ass to this:

Seb - February 2007 Promo Mix cover

Tracklist (for my image blind friend, Google):

01. Phonique - What I Fake (Sleeper Thief Remix) [Souvenir Music]

  1. Thomas schumacher - Take Me Out [Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten]

  2. Sono - Whatever (Martinez Remix) [PIAS]

  3. Habersham - Where’s My Guitar [Audio Therapy]

  4. U.N.K.L.E. - Burn My Shadow (Dan F Remix) [Surrender All]

  5. Dancelwerk - Integrated [Sounderground]

  6. Genderfix - Spreading The Contagion (Zimbardo Mix) [Bugeyed Records]

  7. Switch vs. Soul Mekanik - Never Touch That Switch (Nightmoves Remix) [Switch]

  8. BSOD - A Bit Sketchy (Original Mix) [Play Digital]

  9. Big Hair & Hasil Adkins - She Said (Fine Cut Bodies’ Westernpunk Rerub) [CDR]

  10. The Futureheads - Worry About It Later (Switch Remix) [679]

  11. Filo & Peri, Serge Devant - Triple Crown (Shiloh Remix) [Baroque]

  12. Will Saul - Jen (Phonique Remix) [Systematic]</span>

Download and send your feedback to Seb.

Bragging corner: I was the one who recommended Dancelwerk to Seb, hehe.

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