Hospitals and surprise travels

Tuesday morning I went with my Mum to Cluj for a planned hospitalization. Heart problems. I’m obviously not too good with medical terms but to make the long story short she had a “quiet” heart attack this summer. Quiet because she only found out later that she had it and the doctors in Baia Mare recommended her to get a consultation from the specialists in Cluj. And at the busy clinic at Cluj there was an opening Tuesday so we went there…

The confusion was big that day, because I went with her planning to stay until the next day - to see her settled and hospitalized. But on the train she said she’d prefer if I stayed until Friday. I said OK, but I wasn’t really ready for such a long leave (no exchange clothes, limited money) so after she was hospitalized I took a walk around Cluj and did some thinking. And I decided that if I have to stay until Friday I’d go home that night, pack some clothes, dig up some money and get back the other day. But visiting hours came and we decided that for 1 hour per day (the length of the strict visiting hours) it wasn’t worth for me to stay and I will return to take her home when time comes. So I got home a bit heavy hearted and very tired but everything went well that day until the last moment when I slammed the lift’s door on one of my fingers (bye bye dear fingernail).

Yesterday passed, I called her several times and she told me that they ran some tests and she’s expecting the results today. Also she was expecting to have coronarography done on her today or tomorrow. And I was a bit scared because it’s a scary sounding operation… And this was actually the main reason why she went there.

But this morning she called and said that after analyzing her results the doctors concluded that there’s no need for a coronarography yet and that she’s free to leave. This was certainly a huge relief.

And after some calculations I decided to take her home by car. With my pimpin’ extra old school Dacia. This will be my first longer driving session since I took my license a few weeks ago so wish me luck… I’ll mostly need it in the traffic jungle that’s Cluj. :-)

I’ll be back to report soon.

I shouldn’t forget to mention that that Cristi and Ivett saved me from several hours of cruel boredom on Tuesday. Thanks for bearing with me guys (and girls). And yeah, I just have to confirm that Mojo is super sweet.

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