Fudge - Bipolar EP

I rarely write about music lately but this time I just have to.

I first heard this tune in a Traxsource mix by John Cutler back in August, and almost instantly I fell in love with it and the craving started. I knew I just needed the song. So, most evidently I started digging around and soon enough I found Tejal Records. Then I found Fudge’s MySpace profile and sent him a message asking when will the song be available in downloadable format and he responded and assured me that in a few short weeks. Well, since then I’ve been checking the Traxsource newsletter like crazy. As it turns out I shouldn’t have because there it was, right at the top of their latest e-mail. So I got it yesterday. And now here I am, happily listening it every 30 minutes.

You can listen to the song either on Tejal Records or on his MySpace profile and you can get it from Traxsource.

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