RDS Baia Mare sucks

Yesterday I was home in my (extended) lunch break and as I was downloading something right before my eyes the speed went up to something around 90kB/s. What the!? It stayed there for a few minutes, the files were flowing in and then it dropped back to 30kB/s which is still double the speed I get during the day. I thought the guys at RDS were messing around with their config and something went wrong but as I got back to work I opened the RDSLink page and there it was. Good news. Great news in fact.

It looks like they tripled the transfer speed of my subscription and lowered the price by 10 bucks! Oh Lord! As you can imagine, János, once nicknamed “download boy” was in a complete joygasm. But it didn’t last too long. Because exactly what I’ve been expecting happened: I was still at work at around 7:30 - 8 PM (that’s what I get for those extended lunch breaks) when all the kids finish their homework and get on the Net and so the cable modem at my workplace desynced and stood like that for a good 45 minutes or so. And I know exactly why this happened: their infrastructure sucks. Ass. Oh, and phone support was busy or not answering. Right on! I knew they started having problems right after Canal 7 was acquired by RDS and they raised the speed to 256kbps last year. That’s why I was strongly wondering how will they support 768kbps… They didn’t.

As I’m writing these lines the speed is back to the old standard of 15kB/s during the day and 30kB/s by night (as I saw in the download logs). I’m wondering if this is happening nationwide or only in our wonderful little town? Because if it’s the latter case I’ll be reeealy pissed!

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