You know you've been...

A bus riding through a town in Transport Tycoon … playing way too much Transport Tycoon when just seeing a screenshot makes you right click and drag the mouse to see the rest of the map. As it happened a few days ago. But now seriously, this game puts an incredible spell on me, like no other game does. For example yesterday I fired it up just “to see something” at about 2 PM and there I was seeing my Windows desktop again at 8 PM and wondering just where did the day went?

The game is undoubtedly a masterpiece, and many say that nothing this great was ever created again. This is well confirmed by the huge fanbase and the fact that there are two patches for the game that allow it to be played on modern systems. I haven’t really used the TTDPatch (I may have tried it a while ago but I’m not really sure about that), I mostly played OpenTTD which is not a patch in fact but a complete open source rewrite of the game.

I hope I won’t click the shortcut today because this way my productivity will reach zero in a rather short time.

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