Morning TV session

Yesterday night I went to Baia Sprie and I slept over at my parents house. This morning I woke up really early as it was 7:41 when I checked the time right after getting out of the bed. Well, what should I do awake at 8 in the morning? I quickly bagged a few sandwiches because actually it was my empty stomach that woke me up and then I glanced at the TV and reached for the remote…

Tuned in just in time for the ProTV news which I always liked and will always like. But I think I will post another entry about my fascination with ProTV because I don’t want to ruin this one…

Gianina Corondan - Picture shamelessly nabbed from After watching the news most of which were shamelessly recycled from yesterday night, I randomly pressed the channel buttons on the remote searching for something else to watch. And over at the Romanian National Television aka TVR1 I spotted Gianina Corondan presenting a relaxed morning show called ‘Ora G’ (‘The G Hour’). And I don’t know why exactly but I started to watch it. And I had a nice surprise because all in all it was a nice and fresh show and somehow Gianina’s coolness didn’t seem too forced to me as opposed to how I almost shout ‘fakeee!’ when I see other showmen’s performances… Mostly on the Romanian MTV.

I thought this is worthy to write about since it’s quite rare that I found a show that I actually enjoy watching on Romanian television. Not that I’m watching any TV when I’m around my computer in the appartment at Baia Mare.

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