Still breathing

Yes, I’m still here and I feel really guilty because people who I read are linking me and I’m not posting anything. And the front page looks really empty and sad without posts.

This summer didn’t turn out as I wanted to. Not the least. Because at this moment it doesn’t look like I’ll be going on any holidays in the near future, I’m basically doomed to sit and work in this overheated appartment for the rest of this summer. And I really-really want some holiday. A break. No work. Some fresh air, water and a bathing suit…

I really wanted to go to the Peninsula aka Félsziget festival but when I was about to go a quick check of my budget revealed that I don’t have enough money for this kind of fun and further more some additional problems popped up that kept me from going. I was sad and mad and every other negative adjective. And at that moment I realized that I’ll probably spend this summer sitting in front of my computer programming or wasting time on the Internet, or doing whatever.


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