Yahoo! Mail strikes back!

It’s always great to receive stuff like this in your email:

Dear Yahoo! Mail POP Access and Forwarding Subscriber, Thanks for being a loyal Yahoo! Mail user. To show our appreciation, we've expanded your POP Access and Forwarding service to include all the benefits of the improved Yahoo! Mail Plus, at no additional cost. Yahoo! Mail Plus includes:
  • Virus scanning and cleaning provided by Norton AntiVirus™
  • SpamGuard Plus, a personalized spam filtering system
  • No graphical ads
  • No promotional taglines in messages you send
  • Total message size of 10MB, including attachments
  • 2GB of email storage
At the end of your current billing cycle, unless you cancel before that date, your Mail Plus service will auto-renew at $19.99/year. Thanks for using Yahoo! Mail, and we hope you enjoy the additional features now available to you at an even lower price. For more information, please click here. Sincerely, The Yahoo! Mail Team</p>

Holy cowbells! 2 GB of email storage! They hit Google’s G-Mail where it hurts more. It’s true that this feature costs $20 / year on Yahoo! but at least I can sit comfortably knowing that nobody scans my outgoing messages and my inbox is well protected from spam by SpamGuard Plus (wooo, I have to go into the settings and check out all the new features).

And first of all I feel good because I received something for free (and it was about time, since I’m a Yahoo! Mail user since 1998).

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