Turn my PC into a what?

After Gabriel posted a link to Engadget’s how-to guide on how to make nice home movies on your PC using nothing but your miniDV camera and Microsoft Movie Maker, I’m posting the link to this week’s bonus how-to on Engadget: ‘Turn your PC into a Mac’.

OK, it’s undoubtedly nice, but as we all know these kinds of customizations run well on nothing but the fastest PCs and what you’ll get is basically a slower machine with a nicer desktop which you’ll eventually decide to ditch for the speed gain. At least that’s what I always did after trying out this kind of customization stuff. And I said nothing yet about the cost of the StarDock software needed to accomplish ‘the dream’ and about the fact that you can’t hide your ugly case and even less the great mess of cables behind it…

Conclusion: If you want a Mac so much isn’t it easier to just buy one? ;-)

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