Traian by night

View from my window

This is it. Staying in alone on Saturday night makes me melancholic. And as I looked out the window on my way to a nightly shower I thought the street underneath looked pretty melancholic too. So I took a shot…

What you can see in the photo is part of Baia Mare’s Traian Boulevard. At the left the big space where no car is parked is the bus station which is very practical for me as it’s very close so basically I step out from the flat and I’m in it. No more loosing the bus that takes me home to Baia Sprie for a hot soup or a real meal for that matter. Then there’s the Herra GSM shop where I got my Orange subscription deal made. Further down the street (at the far right side of the picture) you can see the orange and blue lights of the Ultra PRO Computers shop where I usually get all my hardware.

As you can see Baia Mare can’t really claim that it’s got an active nightlife as there’s nobody on the street in the picture. No people and no moving cars. And it’s Saturday 11:30 PM…

The perspective from my window is a lot bigger and very nice actually and I intend to post more pics. I’m just waiting for the right moment to shoot them.

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