Waitec HipHop - Sold!

Yep! I finally sold my good ol’ MP3 player.

“Good ol”? Old maybe, because it was mine since more than a year or something but I can’t say it was good. I remember that I saw it on the Flamingo e-shop back in the summer of 2002 and I had a sudden urge to buy it. Big mistake. Very big mistake! In fact it was the biggest mistake I ever made regarding the purchase of a gadget. The overall quality of the player was rather disappointing. I’m not going to list all the things I didn’t like about it because I can’t remember all of them but sluggish operation speed, random skipping and the general background noise were the main factors that made me return to my trusty old Sony MiniDisc (which I also recently sold, I mean exchanged for a videocard and some cash) only after a month or so of using the MP3 player. Since then the Waitec was playing CDs in friends’ pockets and when I saw I had a possible buyer on okazii.ro I sounded the alarms. After much convincing and praising (no lying though) I managed to sell it to a guy in Bucharest. Today I received the 3.000.000 leis. I feel very bad when I think about the fact that I bought it for 8 million and some but the good thing is I finally managed to sell it. Wheee!

Oh. And if you’re ever wondering: DON’T BUY A WAITEC HIPHOP.

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