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Yes. As we all know it’s fun to create something out of nothing. A project is finished. I mean almost finished because as always there’s a lot of polishing to do. As the QA team is me and my client it’s practically inexistent and this causes pretty much trouble because of the lurking bugs… But no complaints today. I’ve been payed so I should shut up and do my job.

This site offers phone unlocking services for French customers… A locked phone is a phone which can be used only within a single GSM network, hence the expression ‘locked on a network’. The site offers two operation modes: the first one is offered for the street customer who wants to have his phone freed so he can use it in the network of his choice and the other one is the so-called ‘pro’ section which offers users who need to unlock more phones (like GSM repair shops) the option to buy credit packs at an attractive price and then use these credits to buy unlock codes. These codes are then manually sent withing 48 hours of the payment.

Another important part of the site is the affiliate section which offers websites that deal with GSM phones an easy way to make money by placing an IFRAME on one of their pages containing a configurable replica of the first page of Clik-et-Deblok.Com. Affiliates are then payed according to the amount of codes they manage to sell.

Well, this is Clik-et-Deblok.Com or about one month’s worth of work in a nutshell. To give the appropriate credits the site is the brainchild of Steve Palma (ZoneGSM), the design was done by Bogdan Rosu of Spinform and silly me did the coding.

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