Not much going on...

Really. My life turned quite boring… My schedule turned upside down: sleeping during the day, awake through the night. As a direct result I’m obviously not attending school as I should. I received my DMS3 modchip but when I saw the size of the points I’m supposed to solder it to I chickened out. I think I’ll take my PS2 to Timisoara and have a so called ‘pro’ mod it. Yes, this weekend I’m off to the lovely Timisoara. In fact I’ll go to Cluj first (on Thursday) and then Timisoara. That’ll be nice for a change.

What else? Future Prophecies’ Miriamba is great and Black Sun Empire’s Driving Insane LP is nice too. The winners for this year’s Bloggies are out, I left a (hopefully) helpful comment over at scriptygoddess and there’s some work in progress on my gallery section.

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