Snowboarding my PS2

There was nothing in the mailbox today. I thought my copy of SSX 3 would arrive today but it looks like I’ll have to wait until Monday.

Ratchet & Clank Platinum cover Wow, it’s so hard! From the moment I ordered the game I entered a state that resembles that of a kid’s before Christmas. I shelled out an awful amount of money for it so I hope it will at least live up to my expectations. But judging from the raving reviews it got I think it will. Ratchet & Clank, the previous game I bought for the PS2 turned out to be incredible fun. And I bought that one judging from the reviews I read and TV presentations I saw. And because it had a special low price at Diverta Online, hehe.

I also ordered a DMS3 modchip for my beloved second hand console. So I’ll be able to play backed up games (not necessarily backed up by me) and play DivX movies on my TV. I got scared when I looked at the installation guide for the modchip. So many small soldering points… But I think I’ll let someone with more experience install it. Someone who already modded PS2-s. And I’m also waiting for an EZ Flash linker for my GameBoy Advance.

It seems like I’m looking forward for some serious gaming. God, when will I find time to do some work? And what about going to school? Uhoh!

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