Let's fly away!

And there’s one more thing I can barely wait for. And this one is much more entertainment oriented: a Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro joystick.

I always loved sims. I even played Microsoft Train Simulator for long winter hours even if everybody I knew said that it’s the most boring game they ever saw. I suppose I like these kind of games because I love everything that’s technology. I remember that being a kid I spent hours watching an excavator digging or a working crane, getting some good scares out of my Grandma as she had no ideea where I am. Even nowadays trains fascinate me and I never got too close to see a real airplane but I’m sure my jaw would drop and I’d spend quite some time examining it. Taking me to an air parade would be dangerous! I don’t really think we have real air parades in Romania, but I might be mistaken…

I also remember a few years back when I borrowed a simple joystick and tried it out with Comanche. I was hooked for days which I spent sneaking behind hills, only raising the heli to drop a Hellfire or two on the enemy tanks and structures trying to accomplish next to impossible missions. I still have the memory that I had a great time back then.

And now I can barely wait for this highly acclaimed joystick to arrive so I can climb into the cockpit of brand new digitally rendered airplanes. And the sad fact is that it should be here by now if I weren’t sleeping yesterday when they called from itshop.ro to confirm the order. So now I have to wait until next week. Argh!

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