Cold, exams, more memory and some books

Well, winter stayed alright. I didn’t have any time for updates lately because most of the last days I went out and snowboarded my ass off… And when I didn’t went out I was “learning” for my damn exams. One of which I blew badly. And tomorrow comes the hardest one. And I don’t know how I’ll manage. I should learn some but… I’ll try anyway.

What happened in the meantime? I reprogrammed a site but I’m not too proud of it because the current design (not mine) only works on IE. Mozilla and Safari display an incredible mess. But the pure CSS version is almost ready now and I hope the guys behind the site will agree to switch to it. I really blew my eyes off measuring in Photoshop and using Windows’ built in calculator just to adjust everything at pixel level. Yayks.

What else? I’m planning to buy a 64 MB Secure Digital memory card for my Palmtop because the e-books I have really eat up a lot of space and I like to have a dictionary onboard too, as Mobipocket Reader really excells in dictionary integration or at least the feature is far better implemented than in Palm Reader.

This reminds me that I found a superb offer in the Mobipocket newsletter for some books I intended to read a long time ago. I’m talking about the Mars Series by Kim Stanley Robinson. The fact is that I have Red Mars, the first book of the series, on paper (as in: a real book) in my personal library but I was always somehow frustrated to read it knowing that Green and Blue Mars also exist but I couldn’t find these two additional books anywhere in the libraries around my town. So, I didn’t want to read Red Mars and find it fantastic and then weep that I don’t have the other volumes. But there came the Mobipocket offer with Red and Green Mars for $6.99 and Blue Mars and The Martians for another $6.99 and I jumped on it. So now I finally have some cool stuff to read.

I just wish to finish my exams alive…

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