Finally cable!

First came the will: “I want to re-install my TV card to be able to watch Seinfeld!”

Three days passed in a row, Seinfeld was already airing each night but I wasn’t watching it. Why? Because I always forgot to reconnect the cable in the splitter up in the attic.

But as I went up for a quick cat check seeing the splitter I remembered and connected it. I came down. Searched for my TV card. Remembered I stashed it in it’s box up in the attic along with other empty boxes. Went up, took it, OK, ready to plug in. One thing was missing though. The cable plug adapter. I scored my room for about one and a half an hour. I checked each little box and each corner. Obviously, I found nothing. Exasperated I called the friend whom I last borrowed the card hoping the adapter was laying somewhere forgotten in his room. He said it’s not, but advised me I can find “cable plug to RCA plug adapters” at any electronics store.

Cable to RCA… RCA. RCA! Damn! I opened one of my many boxes with stuff and got an RCA plug. Took the antenna plug off. Solder. 5 minutes later: Voila, the cable had a shiny RCA plug at the end of it. Another 5 minutes later (driver installation) I was watching TV on my computer.

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