A sucky Freeland saved by some super friends

I’m back home from a rather disappointing party fortunately saved by a fantastic warm-up with some fantastic friends.

I’m talking about Adam Freeland’s gig held at Studio Martin / Bucharest. Which wasn’t what I expected. It was a rather diasappointing set. Or at least of as much as we enjoyed of it because it’s obviously a very bad ideea to set the start for the main act of a given night to 4:30 AM… It’s even worse if you spent all of the preceding night travelling with the legendary Romanian trains which seemingly have two settings for heat: ‘off’ and ‘boil’em!’. It was the second case this time.

But thanks to some nice people I’m not at all disappointed. And I do not regret that I traveled to Bucharest. Because the intro for the party at Seb’s place was a blast! I spent the first part of the day (after getting off the train) probably looking zombie-like because I haven’t slept more than a quarter of an hour all the night. Most of this first part of the day we spent it in a snowboard accessories shop. And the first satisfactions came, since I’ve got myself some new boots (Askew) and a pair of nice boarding pants. No more riding with freezing water soaked pants! :-( Then we went to his place, ate and I jumped in the bed to get some sleep before the big night.

Which eventually came. We all got very drunk. Everybody got really happy. The subwoofer got turned up. And Seb and Trigga got on the decks (all this happened at Seb’s place). Wow. Was it cool? Nope. It was supercool. There was dancing and fun and it could’ve been the second best night of the year if Freeland would’ve been OK. But he wasn’t. And waiting 4:30 hours for him to get on the decks in a smoke filled club wasn’t the best intro either…

Sunday, winning a battle with my horrible hangover I got on the train and in almost no time (I’m lying here) I was home. My sincere thanks go out to the cool people that made this trip a cool and worthy one.

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