Party time!

It seems that fun comes in waves. At least this is what’s happening to me nowadays. I mean for a few months nothing important happens and then suddenly there comes the party season!

Last weekend DuBase, one of Romania’s finest breakbeat DJs, visited Baia Mare. Next weekend it’s the TMBase festival which is the biggest and most important Romanian electronic music festival. Held yearly at Timisoara. And then in a week it’s Adam Freeland in Bucharest. I’ll attend these. Unfortunately I will not attend Hyper who comes in a week after Freeland. The reasons are obvious: I don’t have a money factory in my basement. Unfortunately.

Whoo! Tough times ahead! Also huge money spilling ahead. Looks like having fun is rather expensive. Anyway after this I think there won’t be anything important until Christmas. At least not this big or important.

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