Adventures with the microwave oven

Well, today mother bought some glass dishes and father bought a recipe book for the microwave oven. Fact is he didn’t really buy it. He brought it home as a test… Anyway. I decided to make myself some pudding.

I took the book. Peeked in it. It read: “cook for 6 minutes on 500W and stir every two minutes”. OK. I set the oven to 480W (no 500W on mine). Set 6 minutes. Go! Took it out every 2 minutes. Stirred it. OK. 6 minutes. I took it out. The milk was… warm. I thought: “Father, f* your book”. Throw it back. Set it it to 3 minutes. High power. Took it out. It was hot. Boiling. But it was pudding. Not warm milk.


So much about books.

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