Hard working weeks

There went two really busy weeks, two weeks in which I basically worked, cancelled that trip I was talking about, massively skipped school and I started going to the swimming pool. To swim…

Work: I made a web interface for a GSM Unlocking solution through the web. For my good old trusty French client. With whom I’m working now since more than one year.

School: There’s not too much to note other than I really thought about going the last school days of this week (Wednesday & Thursday) but somehow I always stood up really late browsing the Net for this and that and so I was unable to wake up in the mornings… I know it’ll be really hard to get used with going again. Starting with tomorrow I hope! Baaah!

Going to the pool was definitely the most interesting of the three main things I did in the last two weeks. I went four times. First time was like any first time: getting around and getting used with the unwritten rules. Fortunately I went with a friend who used to go there so I had a guide. And I wasn’t completely lost as I usually am when I hit something new… The second time was OK. Nothing much to say. But the third time wasn’t… Because I acted like Mister Hero and swam 10 pool lengths. Which in my swimming style equals about 6 pool lengths swam in a more energetic style than mine. So the day after this heroic performance my neck stalled! And it hurt like hell. It got better somehow but there I went for the fourth time. 8 pool lengths with a just “healed” but still hurting neck… And then, after exhausting myself I had this great idea! I bought and drank a half liter of Coke. This was Friday night. And then, there I was Saturday in the morning. In bed. Fever. 39°C. Cool. I mean, hot. Fortunately I got out of it quickly helped by some antibiotics and a good healthy sleep. Which made up about all my Saturday. But tomorrow I’m going again. To swim that is. I’m not giving up so easily!

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