No time. No mood. No nothing.

I’m not in the greatest mood lately.

It’s kind of absurd. I’m having full days (yesterday I got my Palm, today I attended the local snowfest shooting lots of pictures and snowboarded my ass off) but still I don’t really feel good. And this is a constant bad mood since around Christmas.

Monday I have my last exam. Mathematics. The hardest. I have smart colleagues. They’ve programmed the hardest exam for the end of the exam session. They’ll learn. In time. If this “time” will ever exists. Because the percentage of those passing exams is really small. Far smaller than the percentage we used to have at the other University.

I’ll get into bed in a moment. I have to sleep to have the power to learn tomorrow. I should at least solve the exercises the teacher gave us as examples…

Yet again I have a bad feeling about Monday.

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