My Legendary Luck™

I did celebrate today. But not the cold and the snow as I’ve planned (at least not for now) but receiving an 8 at that exam for which I haven’t even opened my book (which I don’t have) or notes. It looks like my Legendary Luck™ was there again. Great!

I have to point out that my ass is really full with people calling me “super”. Today after finishing the examination the teacher told me that I am a “super kid”. And I said “whatever you say”. As polite as I could of course. She thought she offended me by calling me a kid. But the other word is the one which annoys me. Everybody calls me super. “Super OK”. “Super cool”. Super whatever. Still no one wants to get near such a super kid. As I still have no girlfriend. But enough of my frustrations! Today is definitively a happy day.

After the exam 4 of my colleagues plus the kid of two of them (yeah, age range at the table was between 18 and 31) and me went and ate pizza. It was so good. We sat there long after finishing the dish and chatted. About this and that. Everything and nothing. Was nice. It’s funny that now I look at them completely differently compared to the first day I went to this new school… At least I can say I like a few of them, because I really don’t stand some of the others. But I got used to it anyway.

Conclusion is: Phew! It’s so great that I’m done with this one too.

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