A full day is a happy day!

Nice pigeon Exam in the morning. Woke up at 6:15 AM. Wrote all those stupid things… But all went well. Because of my legendary luck with exams I got seated right beside the girl (lady?) who’ll probably get the best grade. And since I sat beside her I couldn’t stop my Wandering Eyes™ not to wander on her papers. Plus, I had to do only a few points to get a passing grade, since I was really active the rest of the year. Spent most of my time at the blackboard. Economics is nice and I like it. But somehow all this management is not really suited for me… I don’t know. Anyway, I’m thinking about freezing my study year… And moving away from this small shitty town. But this “small shitty town” can offer a lot when the subject is not high tech. Because:

After I came home I gulped some food, called a friend, and not long after we were on the slopes. Boarding again. Fact is that this friend of mine gets nervous really easily and there was a trigger to get nervous there on the track today. There were about 10 - 15 people out, but 80% of these were Explaining Champions™. We just hate people who can’t stop explaining. They explained everything: how that guy came down the hill, how his skis were positioned, how he should have come down, how that snowflake fell… Everything. When in good mood I usually ignore wankers like this, and so I did today. But Steve just can’t. So he was nervous almost all the time. Too bad. He missed a good time. Which I had. I fell a lot today. But it was still great. Not so great as when I took my first dose but great anyway. What am I doing? Talking about the shades of great… :-)

Came down. While taking my boots off at my Grandpa, the phone rang. Mother. I should have gone to this guy, before going boarding, to take some pics of I-don’t-know-what-pigeon-flying-champion. So I met up with the guy and we went to this dude. Took a bunch of pictures for the local paper. We were invited for a drink after. I drank a capuccino but I was so eager to get home, because I haven’t changed my boarding clothes and my ass was freezing off! I’m home now. It’s warm. And it’s good.

Now take a look at the pic on the left. Imagine this pigeon taken out to Austria. And imagine him getting back in less than a day to Romania. More than 400 kms in a day! That’s a really amazing performance from such a small animal. Admirable.

I’m slowly getting ready for Cuba again… But tonight will be a short night. Because I really do have a lot of work to do.

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