Values these days

One more thought about the NYE party and then I’ll burry the thought. I’ll try at least.

The intro. There were these kids with us at the party. 15 - 16 years. Girls mostly. Plus one guy. Being drunk, I spotted one of the girls sitting there very sad. Having nothing else to do I went to cheer her up. It looks like I’ve succeded because yesterday I received an SMS in which she was telling me that I’m such a ‘cool guy’ that I made her happy then.

Well this got me thinking. If it only takes this to be a ‘cool guy’ then I could be a ‘cool guy’ really often. But then I thought about what does actually ‘cool guy’ mean for kids of this age… Answer: nothing really. Just as the word ‘friend’ doesn’t really mean anything to them either.

Maybe I shouldn’t think so much about stupid little things like this. Hehe.

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