Catching up on weird events

End of the year. Having nothing else to do it’s time to sum up the weirdest events. I found one that I really wouldn’t like to happen to me:

JERUSALEM - An Israeli businessman suffered a heart attack when he summoned a call-girl for company to his hotel room and opened the door to find his daughter standing there. But worse was to follow for once the 48-year-old was out of hospital and back home, he confessed the traumatic experience to his wife, who, while promising to get their daughter back on the straight and narrow, promptly demanded a divorce from her errant husband.

Poor fella. And poor cat:

THE HAGUE - A cat trapped in a mosque after Friday prayers in the Dutch town of Sneek alerted the whole town to its plight by meowing over the sound system normally used to call the faithful to prayer, having managed to turn on the system. The animal’s owner, recognising his pet’s meow, alerted the police but the cat was not freed until a key to the mosque was found 24 hours later.

Don’t miss the fun. Lots more here.

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