Kindle Paperwhite – Differences between first (2012) and second (2013) generations

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  • yoyo

    Very nice comparison pictures :)

  • anupam

    thanks a lot

  • Nani

    Thanks was trying to figure out if i bought the newest one or not!

  • So what did you feel was the biggest difference? From the pictures that second model looks a little brighter but it also looks a little yellow.

    Was the text the same quality? The contrast?

    Obviously the newer model for the same price made sense, but what if I’m looking to buy one on eBay and one is cheaper than the two?

  • Hi Gary! The time interval I had both units in my possesion wasn’t that long, but the one thing I noticed was that the second generation’s screen is more evenly lit, whereas the first gen is a little bit spotty. It’s not a deal breaker, it doesn’t distract from reading, it’s just there and since in my case I could get the second gen for the same price, I went for it.

  • Thanks. I’ve had a Paperwhite 2 (2014) and loved it and have an older Kindle Touch that I keep in the car (for times when I forget my kindle or when I’m doing something rougher like hiking), but it’s not 3G, so quite often it doesn’t have the book I’m reading (and if it does, it’s on the wrong page).

    I was looking at getting a 3g Kindle for the car and looked at a friend’s PW 1 and other than the lighting (especially around the edges) it looks moistly the same (maybe the PW 2 is a little whiter with a little bit more contrast and less shiny but it’s hard to tell, you get differences in production runs) I think a used Paperwhite 1 will do the job, it’ll certainly be better than the touch and outside I’ll really use the backlight (and I’ve seen them for $50 on eBay).