Postmark library for CodeIgniter

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  • Hey, János,

    Mind posting the code to github? Or letting me post it? I’m sure some PHP masters would start some crazy forking :-)


  • Post it please as I have no experience with Git and I don’t want to mess up. :)

  • Done. It is available at:

    Thanks for contributing this code. Much appreciated.


  • I updated the post with the github link.

  • nice work. i’ve been watching postmark as it develops, and i’m looking forward to using it on projects after it launches.

    your library will be a big help with that.

  • cody

    thanks a lot! I was looking to use postmark in a project, and this is perfect!

  • Rob

    What’s the license on this thing?

  • @Rob: Public domain.
    Why do you ask?

  • Stef

    You have a closing quote missing after ‘To Name

  • Not anymore! :)
    Aka: Thanks, fixed.