2009 – My year in pictures

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  • kit

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  • Sweet post !

    I’ll try to copy your ideea for 2010 ! …. if you don’t mind ….

  • Bogdan

    Nice one, dude.
    Be kind and explain me how do I subscribe to RSS. It’s nice to read some stuff you don’t know about people you know.

  • @kit: Thanks for reading! :)

    @Vlad: Go ahead.

    @Bogdan: Disappointingly enough I didn’t do any SEO this year nor did my car got towed away in Vienna. I’m sorry for this complete lack of thrill. RSS wise I’d recommend Google Reader. Hit the ‘Add a subscription’ button in the upper left corner then paste in http://www.rusiczki.net and you’re all set.

  • hvad skal jeg skive