Is eToro a scam?

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  • Steve

    I actually had one of the best experiences with E-toro, If your new to the Forex Trading you might now like it as much as i do. But it’s helped out ALOT.

    Nohthings perfect but i’m pretty sure if you know what you are doing you’ll find e-toro is at least one of the best. If your new to forex trading. do some google’n about the industry first and get your feet wet and then try the e-toro demo so you have a better understanding of how everything works.

    I see too many people bashing good programs not knowing what they are talking about. Another good one is FAP Turbo but… like everything else it’s not perfect!

  • afatninja

    etoro is the worst site ive used, they are ignorant people who allow one nation to take over its chat room and verbally and racist abuse other members, and when you complain, they ban you not them. Do not use this site they are not to be trusted. there are many better sites out there.

  • cava

    What are the ‘better sites out there’

  • I asked my broker about this.
    He said: I do not recomand to enter there. You can loose your money very fast! But,… look I have some recommended stocks that you can try. So, I listed to him… I do not regret this!
    Well, good luck anyway!

  • Juno

    First things first.

    In the case of leverage the only difference is that if you loose you can loose slow or fast same way as if you win.
    So if the rate of loosing is the same if you start making profit at x10 you will also be making profit at x400 but much more profit, same goes for loosing.

    I recommend you to star with the demo account use and learn forex for a month maybe two then go for real trade account.

    To Andrei:
    Of course your broker said that we wants a share of the cake.

  • Fuck eToro
    They have program which grabs money to their account and finally u will lose.
    You will never win

  • Using eToro alone. you can make losses. what is required is a forex strategy and accurate fx signals.
    This way you are guaranteed to make profits consistently.

  • optionrider

    They are a joke. If you want to trade forex, not gamble, manage your risk. You shouldn’t risk more than 5% of your account per trade (if you have $1000 on your account your maximum risk per all open positions shouldn’t be more than $50). EToro is probably a bucket shop as they’re based in Israel, have their corporate headquarters in Cyprus (where business regulations are hardly existent) and their FTC “legitimacy” doesn’t mean too much as spot currency markets aren’t regulated in the US and all over the world. One of the best firms where you can open an account with less than $50,000 is Dukascopy in Switzerland (they also have offices in the US and other countries), but for accounts below the 50,000 USD threshold your commission rates will be exorbitant by forex standards albeit you’ll have access to one of the best professional trading platforms in the industry. They are not regulated by US laws and you still can hedge your bets by opening offsetting positions to lock your losses or profits (plus transaction and carry costs). And, last but not least, if you’re set up with them (which is quite a lengthy and meticulous process) transfers of your profits is fast and easy. My withdrawal requests sent by e-mail, often over $50,000, are processed and completed within 24 to 36 hours and the only fees are charged by my bank for receiving the wires.

  • ForexWise

    Successful trading is about sustaining profitability over a period of time and not about gaining or loosing individual trades. Basically, you can earn significant returns if you allow yourself to see the larger picture. However, traders often make terrible mistakes while trading. This takes place when a trader is unsuccessful with a trade they were certain would be a winner. As a result a trader has negative feelings of failure and plan revenge against their broker. Traders must accept the risk of each trade before they enter their position. By removing emotional ties to your trades you will only then see repeatable results and realize that your broker may have nothing to do with your misfortunes.

    Happy Trading!

  • optionrider

    My post was about the broker, not trading. I do manage my risks and assess quality of particular brokers. I also have an account with Interactive Brokers and believe that although they are the best for high volume day and swing trading of equities, ETFs and options, they are one of the lousiest Forex brokers (I mean legitimate brokers, not bucket shops like e-toro) and their charting software is a joke (I use third party charts for my equity and options trading).

  • Shakhawat

    Is E toro is realy works from bangladesh?

  • Shakhawat

    Is E toro is realy works from bangladesh?
    What is the Withdraw process from bangladesh?

    Is E toro PPC / PTC / Bux websites?

  • optionrider

    No, from Israel and Cyprus (the server is in Israel).

  • Eligold

    I do not like etoro because it uses the greed of newbees. Forex is no place to make quick buck. If you play with high leverages, believe me you suck big. There are many many points in forex trading to consider such as trends, fibos, indicators, news.. etc etc. However with etoro, newbees think they can make money easily without doing any homework. And they suck big time. Let me give u one example and you will see what I mean. One of my newbee friend opened an real account with etoro. He was trading even withouth using charts. he only checked the prices window where u can only see the rates goes up or down. Can u believe it? He lost all the money. Forex is no play and no gamble. It is as serious as a business or investing in stock. You need to be equipped with lots of knowledge and experience. To mee etoro looks like a big online casino. Avoid like pleague.

  • optionrider

    I know a guy from North Vancouver, BC, Canada, who’s actually made a lot of money (over $27,000) and he couldn’t get his profits from them for months, and I even don’t know if he did, as I lost all contacts with him a few months ago. BTW, e-Toro is an Israeli-based, Cyprus-incorporated on-line gambling operation. They accept your credit card and take your money, but they run you through the hoops if you want to get back even your initial deposit. And I do agree: Forex is a serious business and you’d better know what you’re doing and start following global politics and economics, and have at least some basic knowledge of macroeconomics.

  • Booog

    Hey people,

    After reading a few comments… I still don’t know whether is it safe to trade and how to trade.

    And there are so many online trading websites. Which should I trust? i really don’t know. (-_-)”

  • Booog

    and how you guys know the server is from Israel?

  • optionrider

    The IP address

  • hulyo

    etoro is based in Israel. Good luck to get money back from them. They make it very difficult and frustrating.

  • optionrider

    Do your homework before you come up with any money. Any trading is a SERIOUS BUSINESS. Only a tiny fraction of on-line Forex brokers are legitimate. Most are bucket-shops.

  • kman

    I have been reading all the comments here and I am a newbie but I would like to get into forex trading. Are there any sites where I can get good,usefull information,maybe some coaching videos ? also I see alot of people here appear not to like e-toro is there any site you would recommend in place of them ?

    I know it takes times and practice and you have to do your homework. so any advice ?

  • optionrider

    kman,here’s the link to the best of the best unless you live in the US. CHOOSE ONLY THOSE WHO ARE BANKS AND OFFER MAXIMUM LEVERAGE UP TO 100%, NO MORE (OTHERWISE GO TO THE NEAREST CASINO). MY SUGGESTION IS DUKASCOPY. If you live in the US, try to go to a bank-owned or reputable independent broker. I would suggest Interactive Brokers , but be prepared to deal with a very confusing accounting system and almost non-existent customer service during US stock market hours (long waiting time before you phone call is answered, but their customer service reps are very well-trained and almost always can adequately address your problems). They offer leverage up to 40% and have a decent trade execution platform.

  • kman

    Thanks option trader. I was looking at this site

    and their learning center. What about all these online trainig courses that cost like $500 to 5oo pounds or euros are there any legit ones that you know of and are they worth it ? I live outside the US by the way

  • Try this my friends..

    in etoro i lose 2k but here i won more than 7k already. with 100$ starting ^__^

  • optionrider

    Would be cautious with Russian-based brokers.

  • Junior EToro

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  • Eric Laforge

    I used 200$ as a starter fund. I worked at it for 3 months and win 16$ for a total of 216$ then i was tempted to put more money. So i ask for a full refund of 216$ as a test is i will ever see the money . The next day my balance was at 0 in etoro witha email of the money transferin my paypall account. I go to paypall and no money. i try to contact etoro and all i got is generic answers about going to paypall to find my money. So i called paypall and nop no money there i can see my payment to etoro but the money never come back . It tried to go back to etoro for support in the subject and i am not getting any responce from them like i am on a ignore list. It has ben 2 years now and i am making sure everybody knows what its all about. if your a etoro employe you got my name and facebook info i am still waiting for etoro to meke this right.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • funkymover

    The CEO yoniassia and his brother have become greedy arrogant pricks. They started off as a small company and we could trade with $50, and open trades with a minimum of $2.5 this made it very good for small learner traders to trade and learn without having to worry about losing large sums of money . As the company has grown, the two scum brothers have got more and more greedy. increasing the deposit to $100, increasing the spread fee. increasing the carry over fee from 5 days to 7 days. increasing the trading fee, one min you can open a $5 trade, next min for some reason its $6. But now, the scum because they get millions of $ from a bank and because they are now sponsors of west ham football club. These two greedy scum have dediced to up the minimum deposit to $200 and then also increase the minimum trade from $2.5 to $25.
    Now this is dangerous trading for anyone with less than $2000 as it is dangerous to open a trade with more than 3% of your account on one trade.
    This increase means also traders will have little money in their account to open a decent stop loss. So most learner traders will lose all their money with just one or two trades. I Met the two scum in their office and told them how this was disgusting. pointing out that its not only dangerous and irresponsible for them to do this. But also reminded them, that it was US the small trader that helped built up his company , that got him this expensive office in the center of london. He admitted, they no longer want small traders.. only want rich traders with minimum $10000 accounts.They do not want to pay staff to talk to small traders, its not to their benifit. That small traders do not make them enough commision from the copy trades.
    I also pointed out that the affiliates are now losing lots of sign up especially in se asia , where in countries like the philippines , these people do not make enough money in a day to open trades with $25. That they are now pushing out thousands of people who saw this as a way to build up an account. He told me, maybe we can drop the minimum trade to $10 , which I said was fine. But of course this bullshit was just to keep me quiet.. cause being a coward, he couldnt say anything differnent to my face. Did they drop the minimum trade to $10 , NO.. scum did not. Now many traders are losing their money , but these two scum do not care. They want all small traders gone.. we are a waste of their time. So do not use this site. It is run by two arrogant greedy pricks, whose only interest is their pockets. If you have less than $10,000 account, they do not want you. their words, not mine.. This site is a dangerous site to trade with because of the minimum trade of $25, unless you have more than $5000. I closed my account because of principles. I want nothing to do with greedy arrogant pricks, who relied on us small traders to get them where they are today, for them to then shit on us and push us out now its a multi million company and it makes me sick as they smile and bullshit small traders, knowing that they are thinking, get out of my company , we do not want you. you do not have $10.000 account… ETORO IS RUN BY SCUM

  • Bobscott

    ETORO SCAMMERS! I invested US50 and now I want to withdraw they are full of stories.My money has shrunk, they have take U$5 per month because I have not been trading – this is illegal in every sense of the word & now I have US25 left, they will not refund me as you can only withdraw U$30 and above.

  • benoit jean

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  • Walt Gooder

    The reviews I’m reading here contradicts everything you’re saying:

  • hawkenfox

    Trust a broker long term … you go broke lol. They pay themselves good fee first dude..

  • hawkenfox

    Commodity is a bad place to start and 50 USD is not realistic in anyway to trade it’s just an amount to get a taste. I think a good start is 2500 USD.

  • Ted Henry

    I recently recovered funds from a scam broker, Omega Options. They intentionally make you loose trades so you deposit more money. I had to hire a professional to get my money back. Lesson learnt, happy to share my experience. hted1206atGmaildotCom

  • Bevan Ken

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