A less bitter update

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  • RS

    My best friend’s father had a very serious stroke a year or so ago, as well as my grandmother. Both recovered very differently. The doctors said that improvement in the immediate few days and weeks after a stroke were the most crucial to recovering faculties so it is very good that your mother could talk so quickly. The only thing my best friend’s father could do for weeks was shout out expletives, which was a little hard on the nurses. Hope she recovers well…ai de grija, frate.

  • She didn’t have problems with talking even from the second day after the stroke but she was confusing people and the morning with the evening (this could have something to do with the fact that she was sleeping non-stop) among other things. Plus the trailing off, which I was talking about above when I said “talking weird”. Other than that it was OK but I was fearing a post stroke depression. However it doesn’t seem to be the case. And I’m truly a lot more relaxed now.

  • Neil aka unwind-protect

    Hi Janos,
    I hadn’t seen you around online much of late so I came looking for you. I wasn’t expecting to find this. I’m really sorry to hear about this situation you and your mother have landed in. Don’t really know what else to say…
    Hope you mother keeps improving.
    Take care, Neil.