Backup – Coming to a Mac near me

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  • Congratulations for your new HDD! Having “unlimited” storage space can get you drunk with power :-)
    I got myself a 500 Lacie mini a while ago. It’s gorgeous, but noisy like crop duster. I’ll write a post on my new blog about it soon.

  • I can see lots of words in your comment but two grab my eyes: new blog?

  • OK, I’ve found it. It was really hard, I clicked your name under the comment and in one shot I secured myself comment ID number two. Right after Mr. WordPress. Geeky achievements.
    Now, back on topic: the WD My Book I have is quite noisy too. As I said it’s networked, it sits in our room right next to the router and sometimes after we go to bed Ioana’s brother starts copying stuff to or from it and this usually means no sleep for us until he’s at it… It’s not THAT loud but it’s annoying.