Online routable map of Romania

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  • Make a mental bookmark to the fact that it ignores one-way streets ;)

  • Well, I do have eyes for roadsigns.

  • cip

    Yep, using it since last year and always happy. Be aware anyway, sometimes it misses one way streets. At least for Bucharest.

  • cip

    Ooops, read the other comment too late…

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  • Dearest One
    U can haz spamm0rz

  • But wait, where’s the spam!?

  • Ma cam enerveaza ca nu poti sa ii dai “via” . Ca eu de exemplu vreau sa ma duc la Lugoj peste 2 saptamani la raliu si as vrea sa ma duc pe altundeva decat ruta aleasa de ei ca ii naspa drumu pe acolo.

    Sau nu am vazut eu aceasta optiune ? :-/

  • Dupa ce-ti afiseaza ruta ai pe stanga:
    “Adaugă oprire, popas”