The Mac update #1

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  • Kit

    Welcome to the good side. :) Kidding, kidding, no flames please.
    IUseThis is fine (here is my profile, btw), but for a larger repository try the VersionTracker.
    Also, you can try using the QT Player with unsupported video files by installing Flip4Mac.

  • I’m all out of napalm for now. :D
    I know about VersionTracker but IUseThis has it’s own “social” beauty and I’m a sucker for these things. Otherwise thanks for the handy tips Kit, actually you were one of those I thought about when I wrote that several people will be proud of me in the previous post… :)

  • Kit

    Yes, I am.

  • Teehee :)))

  • just don’t get too friendly with it – it’s a f… machine after all :)

  • It’s not a machine, it’s a Mac! :)