Stairs from a blue lake

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  • wow … great picture of the Blue Lake. That’s a lot of sulfur :), nice witchcraft story, never really knew that

  • It looks amazing… i would kill to have the privilage of swimming in that lake. why don’t organize a camp or smth?

  • Aida

    hi… i am really interested on this lake.. can u give me an exact address.. or .. anything.. ? please!!! i’ll be waiting your answer…

  • Hello Aida. It’s near Baia Sprie in Maramures county, Romania. GPS coordonates: N47°40’21.6″ E023°42’06.0″ – I hope this will help but I’ll be around to answer further questions. :)

  • stk

    Just a small notice: actually, it is copper sulphate (CuSO4), not just simple sulfur (S). More info:
    Used to play a little with it, as a child. And yes, I know the lake too.

  • it is the leich niahr dha mogosa leik?