RDS Baia Mare sucks

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  • stk

    so, if this is nation-wide, you will be quite pleased, uh?

  • In fact, if we think about it a little this can’t be nation-wide as long as they officially announced the speed raise it on their site… So, I’m really pissed!

  • stk

    Get used with this. In fact, you live in Romania. Beautiful country, isn’t it?
    Try to be optimistic and maybe sometime, somewhere … things will be diferent. In the good way.

  • RDS is a very chaotic company. (it can be applied also to RCS-the cable company). You can never rely on them, on what they do or what they say they’ll do. But I like them. Primarely because they provide internet at a very convenient cost. Plus telephony. The speed is decent, the interruptions in service are frequent indeed but for a home user is OK. I would have chosen another company if there was any, but there isn’t.

  • sativa

    Well things are a litlle bit different where i live. That’s in Bucharest. Ok, at first RDS convinced me as well that the service it provides it’s cheap but of low quality. Since then things have improved.The modem doesn’t lose signal so often, i can’t remember the last time it did, so connection is much better. Still, as a reply to the earlier statements, regarding the speed, things are almost the same but not quite. Meaning, during day and night the speed remains the same 30 kb.s.

  • Interesting observation: RDS is very expansionistic. ASTRAL builds vertically.
    Personally I “live” on neither, but on the node of a very old provider (named fx, one of the first and most innovative in Romania, now gulped by ASTRAL – but totally different infrastructure, linked only at one point). When half of bucharest doesn’t have net (it actually happens!), I still do :D But I only get the exact 32kBps I pay for, no famous “120kB/s RDS spikes” they report in the neighbourhood.
    Modem desyncs were something daily till spring, then they replaced a 10Base-5 (was yellow now is orange) and everything is OK now.
    Btw, RDS is losing ground because local networks and Romtelecom’s new “cheap” service (whitch isn’t cheap, isn’t fast, isn’t mobile, but gets a lot of publicity) and is in panic. That explains their move.

  • don’t worry , the same “good” services are in muresh too
    You are not the only one :(