Biking around the town

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  • Biking is TIP TOP !!
    But don’t throw a sack of money on a new bike, you need just the wheels :).
    Personally i would encourage you to take up skateboarding .. but that’s a little to risky .. as you said .. so you already got the answer :)

  • definitely mountain biking — if you’re up for it, you ain’t gonna regret it. :)

  • We’re going biking too, no surprise here.
    I’ve tried skateboarding but it’s not the same thing and it will never replace snowboarding. It’s kinda stupid being on wheels and not being able to turn and stuff.
    I guess the only thing left is to go skydiving :D

  • I can’t wait to get a new bike.Gonna teach deea to ride once again but as i told her , “it’s like riding a bike” no sweat.I don’t encourage you to try aggresive in line skating because you’re already used to the snow/skateboard style.I started out skating since i was 4 years old and it’s my favourite extreme sport.

  • I’ll go for the bike. In fact I went for the bike already as I use it to go to work every day. I dont have a car and I’m not planning to buy one, I hate the crowded 41 tram line and it takes me only half an hour to ride to and from work every day.

  • Am gasit ce sa facem noi “boarderii” vara …
    Aici e o idee foarte buna. Iar cei de pe se strang sa-si ia multi. Ne bagam si noi ??


    Go for surf man :D

  • That would be the most logical choice.
    But there are no waves around here… Unfortunately.