Markó for president!

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  • I won’t bash you, Mark

  • neah… I voted RMDSZ for senate and the other thingie where people go for getting a nap, but voted Baxe for president :) In Bucharest – 1.4% RMDSZ, 0.2% Marko. Go figure :)

  • pax

    Gabriel: it seems that you got tricked a little bit :)
    I absolutely agree on Mr Frundo

  • What about the 2nd round? Are you going to follow party politics and vote Nastase just because of the backstabbing and power-brokering?
    If the germans and hungarians in Romania fancy themselves as the more enlightened, most closer to the West citizens, as I too think they are, how come they make deals with parties like PSD?

  • Ask me about Apache configuration variables, PHP or CSS tricks but please don’t ask me about politics. I don’t know, I don’t think I’m going to vote this time around… And if I will (my parents will probably insist), I will vote B.