Palit Daytona Geforce 4 Ti 4200 (2002 – 2004)

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    maybe your copy of DOOM 3 is possesed that would epxlain the strange spikes …

  • sc0rex

    I have the same problem – the capacitor (1000uF 6.3V 105`C) was begining to leak and I replaced it. But still the temperature is very hot so I am also looking for a solution. The capacitor is second from the frame (capacitor – wired round thing :) – dead capacitor).
    If you have some more information related to this problem I would be glad if you can post it here.

  • I’m sorry but I’ve chosen the coward’s way… I mean I traded this card with someone who had a Radeon 9200 and didn’t need any 3D acceleration. It was a downgrade for me but it’s worth it anyway. At least I can play some games without the textures and objects getting all corrupted.
    So unfortunately I can’t really help you on this matter. Good luck with your fixing attempt.