1 gmail invite

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  • Thiago Maldonado

    Hello! I want a Gmail Invite..
    Please, send-me one…
    I look forward to hearing from you

  • kit

    What, you’re trying to make me hate my dotMac account now? No way! Apple, if you see this, please hurry up with that 5GB mailbox! I cannot hold on for too long. Quick, my faith is fading!

  • Hello!! I want a Gmail Invite.
    Please, send-me one.
    Thiago Maldonado – thiago_maldonado@hotmail.com
    Thank you very much.

  • voila un comment.
    therefore, i claim the gmail invite.
    are you sure about it?

  • you want a comment? you got a comment.
    i hereby solemnly claim the gmail invite that you are so kind as to give away.

  • J

    Wow! What an overwhelming response in just a few hours during which I sooo soundly. Anyway, the invite goes to Thiago Maldonado as he was the first to comment. Didi, I’ll keep you in mind and the following invite I’ll get will go your way.

  • I had 6 invites yesterday but gave 5 of them away. Now I’m stuck with a few more. God damn invite spammers.

  • Al

    hey, plz give me gmail invite

  • farogh

    I want a gmail account
    please help me..

  • xyxy

    I need a gmail invite
    pleas help me

  • xyxy

    pleas invite me to gmail

  • mis janny johnson

    plaese i need your help, if asept write mail me back.