Game of the year?

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  • Yeah…everybody playing it ALREADY and I can’t do anything…I could just cry right now :(
    Not that I would have been looking forward to playing it that much, but it’s … Doom, how can you not play it?
    From what I’ve heard, the script is pretty bad in some areas, an example would be that a door will not open if you don’t visit a certain part of the room and kill 2 creatures that drop down from the ceiling…well, I can’t wait to play it at someone else’s place before I get it .

  • J

    I’m playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for now. I like it a lot but unfortunately it eats up a lot of my time. Time that I don’t have now. And all those figures… I’m not good with figures. So I can’t remember which body armor is +3 and which is +5… Blaaah!
    Anyway I’m patiently waiting for Doom since I’m a big-big fan of 1st person shooters. And I’m sure I’ll like it and finish it in about, well, 3 nights. At least that’s how long Half Life lasted back then… :-)


    man you ain’t even a padawan yet I master the freakin force in such way I could enter your mind and tell you to mark my name all over your blog by now
    P.S. my copy of DOOM 3 will be on a high quality CD ! or CD-s I wanted to make it rhyme
    anyways lookin forward to playing it when someone will get it downloaded whooops did I say that loud ?

  • lucian

    god damn it i want to play this one
    janos please send me a copy
    [maybe asking here works :)) ]


    I swear my lightsaber is like so powerful right now it could chop off a friggin manelist in half (sorry I don’t know if there is an english version for the word manelist :( ) anyways must not fall to the dark side and use cheats specially I’m re-playin the thing for the 4-th time or so
    errrr sorry for turning the whole DOOM 3 talk into the star wars thingy but hey I’m like addicted