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  • Congratulations, you’ll love it! And get a wash-machine :-)

  • kit

    Cool! Go for it!

  • oh yes, living alone is cool, but the hunger gets to you eventually :)
    get a cat, a, you have one
    get another cat and then show us that marked announcement on the newspaper :)

  • Steve

    Good luck, and take another cat ;-) lol

  • oh, good news !
    today i learnt how to spell your name :)

  • clumsy

    well i see that i must write in english
    first of all the messenger is not workin again
    and u know who i am don’t u?
    i think you must take with you the yellow cat
    and good luck !


    that’s cool as hell good job but yeah I mean cooking’s gonna be a bitch unless you have a kitchen fairy around haha