Lots of ideeas so little time

I’m playing around with RSS. I have one great ideea involving weblogs and PDAs. But who knows if I’ll ever make something out of it…

My next gadget

Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP I can’t be stopped. Even I myself can’t stop myself.

I intend to get myself a GameBoy Advance SP. No more boring bus rides. And a Flash Advance Linker of course… Because I do not intend to pay 30 Euros or more for a game which might as well turn out to be pure trash. And since I have 200 Megs of game ROMs on my hard drive I think this will be a profitable move…

I’m just afraid to count how much all this fun will cost me… But maybe I’ll drop the idea… It depends on how I will manage financially during the next months.

Back from birthday madness!

I’m back. Phew! What a weekend last weekend was!

I spent most of the second half of the week preparing my birthday. I wanted it to be a real blast. Which it was. Well, mostly. I bought the booze as early as Friday. And then Saturday I spent 3 hours buying 2 tortillas, 3 pizzas and 4 litres of Pepsi plus one litre of apple juice. Came home. Spent two hours reorganizing my room. Then I put myself into ‘wait mode’. For my guests. Who showed up. Some gave me cute presents. But most gave me alcohol. What the Hell? Hmmm. We ate. Sat. Listened to music. Drank some. And then we were off. To celebrate. Hehe.

The usual club. I was lucky. I was able to select and play the music I wanted. And as usual (hehe) after I looked out about five tunes later I started using the computer I saw a dancefloor full of people dancing. I don’t know. I guess I’m a good DJ after all. :-)

This went on for a while. Good tunes coming and going. People dancing. Then some girls came asking if I can put on some harder drum’n’bass and I gave way to one of my friends who’s an expert in this field. People continued to dance. Fun was on. But I lost track. Too much vodka I guess. Anyway. At about 4 AM we took a taxi. And I was home safely at about 4:40. To celebrate Easter. And to clean up my room. Called a few friends. Had a nice morning chat. And then this week started… All of the sudden.

Long lost relatives?

This book is quite interesting. And not because of it’s content. But because of the last names of the authors… Are they long lost relatives? If so, what are they doing describing Scottland? As far as I know my roots are somewhere in Poland. Hmmm.

Found the book by searching Amazon for my name using the new search box powered by Google. So the first signs of Amazon’s contract with Google are beginning to show.

Night of the beautiful

Tonight was one of those rare nights when Luci gave me links that I actually liked. :-)

Steve Scott has some incredible illustrations. And Giulia Balladore rocks with her passion for those small details.

I dropped my camera (dropping stuff is not me - not at all), I’m enjoying vector based graphics… What’s next? The end of the world? :-)